NFL Lockout …..ever remind you of your own sex life?

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Susan Richard Nelson gave the players an early victory in their fight with the owners over how to divide the $9 billion business.  When we read this news, we get a bit excited about the upcoming football season….it looks like we’re going to have our teams, our games, and our over the top sport rituals that of course improve our teams chance of winning. Yet, the 2011-2012 football season remains in limbo. Now its the appeals process; the NFL filed a notice of appeal  due to concerns that Judge Nelson exceeded her jurisdiction and were  granted an expedited stay that puts her ruling on hold until the appeals process plays out. Waiting, Waiting and more waiting.

This lockout, appeals process, and the waiting game, can remind us of times we too have felt ‘locked out’ of our sex life with our partner. We attempt to appeal to our partner, sometimes even begging and pleading, only to have to wait….wait….and wait.  Just like the stubbornness being played out in the NFL. The partner with the lowest sex drive, determines when the sex happens, how it happens and where it happens.  It can feel like you have no say and the ‘judge’ will determine the next step.

We want our players back on the field this fall and we want our partners back in our beds.  The final outcome of the NFL is completely independent from our fan desires, yet the outcome in your bedroom can be in your control.  We know nagging, passive aggressive attempts, pouting and angry withdraws do NOT work.

What will work???

1) Compliments

I really love when you touch me……    I feels so good when we…….   Just looking at you I’m filled with passion and….

Its hard to be around you and not touch you… you’re so beautiful to me…so irresistible. And so on.

Get the feel of this? You know the whole ‘you get more bees with honey than vinegar’, it works!  Watch your tone, make sure you’re sincere and let your partner know they are wanted.

2) Requests with Respect

I would really like to….      I would be a lot of fun to…..   I miss your….on my….lets do that now…

3) Humor

Pressure and condescensions do not work,  be light,  be funny

4) Be a team player, help out in order to balance tasks and allow more couple time

5) Educate

Having sex 3 times per week reduces your chance of heart attack and stroke by 50%, improves immunity 30%, facilitates bonding with the release of oxytocin.

Remember good sex is 3 to 13 minutes….. 45 minutes for the whole body love play session.

Use these tasks and get playing in your own field.

For our beloved football teams, that might be up to prayers and wishful thinking.

My wish is for a great 2011-2012 football season and a great game in your bedrooms.

About Anton Therapy

As a psychotherapist specializing in sexual concerns, I believe that communication and compromise, with a playful and open attitude are key components to a healthy intimate life. I infuse compassion, enthusiasm and a collaborative approach in treatment that puts clients at ease in discussing such personal topics. I hope this blog helps to open your mind, promote healthy sex, and encourages you to have a desire for intimacy and life! View all posts by Anton Therapy

6 responses to “NFL Lockout …..ever remind you of your own sex life?

  • The T

    you certainly seem to love the NFL…i figured you’d be more soundly focused on emotional sex or something amusing in the bedroom, I was shocked to see how much crush you put upon the NFL….


    • Anton Therapy

      T, Shocked? Well good! It will keep you on your toes. I don’t know any other bloggers out there with the same approach; the NFL and sex will be a continuing theme in my blog. I have a ‘niche’-‘niche’ in the blog world….sex therapy with an emphasis on football as a medium. Not all of my posts are sports related, just check out “Erotica”, plus I might add my “Alphabet Sex” was quite playful. If you’re interested in a female/sex therapist/sportfans point of view…keep checking out my blog! 🙂
      Thanks, Tiffany

  • The T

    Tiffany, We share similar paths…it starts with the name of my blog and goes into some of the must fun and witty banter and sex and the people who love it. i started the blog for one reason only…to study the dating female, what makes them fail, what they do when the dating scene turns against their hopes and their numerous successes… the fun we have is awesome and I think you could bring a lot to those girls and earn a ton of new users for your blog! Just one thing…I’m trying to reform, so a previous womanizer is trying to be a better man….always tempted however….


  • john

    Can self pleasurement be counted in to the having sex 3 times a week for the health benefits?

    • Anton Therapy

      John, Masturbation has health benefits to your prostate gland, circulatory system, and increases your ability to sleep. When engaged in sex with others, we move our body more, build up a sweat, and tend to engage in sex longer, therefore increasing health benefits with bonding, immunity, heart-b/p and improving life expectancy. Whether you are having solo sex or sex with another, engaging in safe and responsible sex three times per week is beneficial!

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