Cam Newton…more than just ‘eye candy?’

Oh the Magnificent Cam Newton, the #1 NFL Draft pick went to the Carolina Panthers last night in the first round of drafts.

The 6’6″, 250 lb. athletic god exudes charm and charisma; flashing that big white smile and licking his lips a bit, causing all the women to swoon, myself included.  It may turn me into a Carolina fan, hoping to get a glimpse of him in those tight pants.

His stats are pretty impressive as well: a 182.05 rating, 2,854 yards, and 30 TD.

Yet, an NFL QB must be a thinking man.                                          
Despite what will become an ingrained playbook in his head, the ability to listen to the offensive coordination via headset for extra guidance, Cam is the one that has to put his NFL IQ, wits and observations of the opponents defensive formation into action and make the final call.  Without this ability, he may remain the NFL ‘eye candy’ of the ladies and a flop for the team.

In a recent interview with Jon Gruden’s  ‘QB Camp’, he asked Cam Newton to recall ‘something verbal’ linked to the Auburn playbook.  After a long pause, Cam reported “our method is simplistic equals fast”.

When reflecting upon his Heisman trophy win and number one draft pick….don’t we also expect him to exhibit strength in his verbiage and a discernible  intellect.  An ability to make a last minute audible is key to a team and QB’s success.

This scenario reminds me a bit of a beauty pageant winner.  On the outside the looks are magnificent, bright smile, fit and attractive figure, talented with an instrument and trained to provide quick answers to global questions; but we wonder what is really under that exterior.  With the makeup off and an impromptu question without preparation, would this ‘queen’ still win?

This mode of thinking parallels our ‘mating’ tendencies while out for the night and on the prowl.  Our tendency is to select what we find to be the most attractive person in the bar and focus our gaze,  an attempt to strike up a conversation and hopeful wishing at a first round ‘draft’ for a sexual encounter; all without much thought about what is behind the exterior.  We get lucky when this ‘draft’ is successful and the individual has both brains and beauty.

Lets hope that with training and maturity, Mr. Cam Newton can develop the brain and NFL IQ needed to fully succeed in pro football.  Right now, it looks like he’s going to ride on his charisma, looks, and a short term college performance.  Fingers crossed that this draft pic will prove more than NFL ‘eye candy’.

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