Alphabet Sex—-A Quid Pro Quo

The poemshape.wordpress blogger led me to read his ‘a sex primer’ poem, which is included below.  I enjoyed it so, I felt the need to playfully respond with fun poetic ‘alphabet sex’- a quid pro quo. I hope you enjoy them both and feel free to add your own alphabet in the mix.

Alphabet Sex

A is for Aroused, amused, even analytical I guess

B is for those bouncy blossoming and beautiful breasts

C is for the clitoris of which many like best.

D is delving into your deep dark space

E is for your exquisite taste.

F is for frolicking, fun and fab

G is for graze, gobble and grab

H is for the hunger for you, oh I must have!

I is for the interest, as you peek mine

J is for how juicy I am inside

K is for kissing your lips so prime

L is for moist lips, licking the tips, of my nipples so fair

M is for MORE, need I ask, do I dare?

N ow! Now Now!

O hhhhhhhhhh I am near

P is for please, pleasure, my panting can you hear?

Q is for quest … for the path is clear.

R is for rowdy, raunchy and ready

S is for sensual, sexy and steady.

T is for tantalizing

U is Undress

V is for vulva and voyeur, I want to See!

W is for when you enter me

X is the spot, where I beg of you to be.

Y is for YES,  its never too much

Z is for the electricity and zest I feel at your touch

About Anton Therapy

As a psychotherapist specializing in sexual concerns, I believe that communication and compromise, with a playful and open attitude are key components to a healthy intimate life. I infuse compassion, enthusiasm and a collaborative approach in treatment that puts clients at ease in discussing such personal topics. I hope this blog helps to open your mind, promote healthy sex, and encourages you to have a desire for intimacy and life! View all posts by Anton Therapy

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