Draftees….Out with the “old” in with the new.

The NFL wrapped up their draft picks this week with the 254th man- Cheta Ozougwu …who will be from here on out known as “Mr Irrelevant”.  The term “Mr Irrelevant” was coined in the 1976 draft due to their limited career success. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as Marty Moore who was Mr Irrelevant in 1994 and went on to play in  Super Bowl  XXXI. Yet overall this label has stuck because of its unfortunate validity.

I had planned to write about feeling like a “Mr Irrelevant” in your relationship but when I looked at the natural progression of draftees into the team and release of long time players, I changed my mind.  While reading Dan Von Wie’s article from April 19, 2011, it got me thinking and a bit fired up.


Von Wie targets a few players that he feels are on the fast track out of the game; the more mentionable part of this article for me was the age of the players.  He lists Donald Driver age 36, Tony Gonzalez 35,  Fred Taylor 35, Derrick Mason 37, as players on the verge of utter failure.  Noting not only their decreased performance but also how their age plays a role in their athletic decline.  An article byAdam Moir  in the United States Sports Academy American Sports University “The Sport Digest” issn: 1558-6448, denotes that prime muscle mass and performance peaks at the age of 25.  This muscle mass decreases at 4% per decade until the age of 50. Running backs performance appear to drastically decline by age 33.  Does this seem young to anyone else or it is just me? I must be in denial of my own age, as 40 is creeping around the corner.

In 2009 there were only 7 players in the NFL still in the game over the age of 40.

Favre, age 41, retired again from a long standing QB career in January 2011.  

George Blanda has the record for the oldest person to play in the NFL, after 26 seasons, he retired at the age of 48 years and 109 days.

The aging process has begun and there’s no denying that.  According to CNN Health, our body starts the decline into aging at the age of 20, where one may notice wrinkles, hair loss, thinning skins and nails. We have continuous cell, tissue and even organ change as we age.  “…the heart of a 20-year-old is capable of pumping about 10 times the amount that is actually needed to preserve life. After age 30, an average of 1% of this reserve is lost each year.”  http://www.umm.edu/ency/article/004012.htm

“How fast you can throw a ball or run or swerve a steering wheel depends on how speedily brain cells fire off commands to muscles. Fast firing depends on good insulation for your brain’s wiring. Now new research suggests that in middle age, even healthy people begin to lose some of that insulation in a motor-control part of the brain — at the same rate that their speed subtly slows. That helps explain why “it’s hard to be a world-class athlete after 40,” concludes Dr. George Bartzokis, a neurologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who led the work.”   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27243437/ns/health-aging/

Sexual changes can be seen as early as our 30’s  and continues throughout our life cycle: for women- reduced libido, limited lubrication, pain ; for men: less rigid or limited erections, increased refractory period, and less intense ejaculatory sensations.

Its hard to see some of our most beloved players age out of the football ‘system’.  It can be even harder to watch and accept our own bodies change with age.

Aging is inevitable , how we approach it and the care of our bodies is up to us.

I like the ‘use it or lose it’ philosophy.

Work out

Have sex regularly

Keep active

The Game is Still ON!

Even when the football game is out with the old and in with the new, it is still up to you to PLAY

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