Sexy Costumes and Role Playing

Sexy costumes and role playing add a spice to life as well as to your fantasies and sex life.

One of the top costumes is of course that of the dominatrix.


With her power, latex,  lingerie, paddle, chains and cat of nine  tails, she can whip you into action.

This is an obvious power play, where you submit to pleasure and punishment, that is at her sole discretion.

The costuming needed is more elaborate and linked to your specific Domineering fantasies.  With the convenience of the internet buying Dom apparel is much more accessible.

When the costuming/role playing becomes a sexual identity, the BDSM community is the best fit for expression, camaraderie and partners.

Sexy Secretary:

A juxtaposition to that of a Dominatrix is the sultry submissive secretary.

What a joy watching Maggie Gyllenhaal play in “The Secretary”.

In this role, the boss totally controls not only the business but you as well.

Business attire particularly a skirt and panty hose are the core of this costume. Glasses add a hint of intellectualism.

The ‘secretary’ plays the submissive role and responds to their bosses ‘commands’.

Hot for Teacher:

Many a lad have fantasied about being with their teachers, even to the point a Van Halen song ‘Hot for Teacher’ became a hit.

This role playing switches the power dynamic back to the female who would instruct the student on what to do or utilize shock value behaviors such as revealing their breast or genitals to stun the student into arousal.

A theme in the teacher/student fantasy is sexual naivety.

The teacher will ‘teach’ you what to do to her body, let you know if you’ve been a bad bad boy, require homework and demand an A+ performance.

An additional element to this fantasy is its forbidden nature.

We know teacher/student sexual relations is not allowed: she would be fired/possibly go to jail, you would be in trouble by your parents.

Such a no-no, yet so pleasurable.

Sexy Dentist:

I was not aware of this costume/fetish/role play dynamic until I received a multitude of hits on my site searching for a sexy, hot female dentist. One can see the submissive role played by the male and the female dentist with the power to decide how much if any pain to inflict while presenting her breasts level to your face.

Open Up and say ‘AHHH’.

This dentist will clean that dirty dirty mouth, wash you out, fill you up, and drill you.


For most of us over 30 mothers, no costume or role play is needed in this role as it comes naturally, yet if you want to be Stiflers mother from American Pie, a sultry available attitude is a necessity.

The word MILF (mom I’d like to f#*k) is a relatively new term and even focus of dating clubs, cruises, magazines, porn and the like (older women also coined Cougars fit into this category).

It is the approach that the older female knows what she likes, how she likes it, with less drama, more independence and the sexual skills to really please.

College girls:

Fantasies around college girls surround young looks, gullibility, often intoxication and sexual openness.

They crave attention, enjoy the greek life and tend to have a lot of enthusiasm.

College girls represent our youth, our once upon a time early ease of picking up, their availability and the beauty of being a mere 21.

Oh the tight skin, perky breasts and short shorts. Bring on them college girls!


Also the cheerleader fantasy.  What young adolescent didn’t think about lifting up that skirt, receiving a hand job after a tough football game, and spinning her around on your….well you know.

Their high kicks, short skirts, limited coverage tops, the dance moves, shaking rump, bouncing breasts all culminate into a top rated fantasy.

What would our sports be like without these staples of sexualized beauty, comfort when our team is losing, and eye candy while holding a plastic cup full of beer.

Despite a limited number of us actually being cheerleaders, this costume and role play is a relatively easy one. Most Halloween stores online have costume for purchase.

So turn on the game, put on the costume and cheer your way into your sports fan man’s heart and loin.

I have highlighted many common costume/role play fantasies.  Pick one or try them all out.

Costume, role play and fantasy are a fun way to spice up your sex life.

About Anton Therapy

As a psychotherapist specializing in sexual concerns, I believe that communication and compromise, with a playful and open attitude are key components to a healthy intimate life. I infuse compassion, enthusiasm and a collaborative approach in treatment that puts clients at ease in discussing such personal topics. I hope this blog helps to open your mind, promote healthy sex, and encourages you to have a desire for intimacy and life! View all posts by Anton Therapy

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