Birthday Sex

It only comes around once per year- You’re Birthday.

Want some Birthday Sex?

Jeremiah’s ‘Birthday Sex’ song lyrics, ” Don’t need candles or Cake, just need my body to make…Birthday Sex…We grindin with passion, cuz its yo birthday, Been at it for hours….I know you thirsty, You kiss me so sweetly….taste just like Hersheys, Just tell me how you want yo gift girl…Birthday Sex”

There is no hinting around in this song, he knows you want it.

Don’t we even feel a little entitled to sex on our birthdays?

It seems many would like some cake and……some more.

According to Urban Dictionary they define Birthday Sex as:

Obligation-free sex which happens on or around someone’s birthday. Usually initiated by the birthday boy/girl’s partner, and involving a mix of acts which more favour the birthday boy/girl’s preferences.

The usual rules of reciprocation and mutual pleasure are temporarily suspended, and the birthday girl/boy is considered free to cum whenever and wherever the fuck they please.’

Oh My, selfish sex on your birthday…..maybe it’s the one time of year you can do it without being viewed as an inconsiderate lover.

Birthday Sex:

It is a free gift.

It is focused on the Birthday girl/boy, and tends to bring a lot of pleasure.

It is a hot gift.

A giving gift.

Its a sexy gift.

Its in your birthday suit gift.

Yep, I’d say it is ‘The Gift’.

So if its your Birthday:     Place your request,     enjoy getting your candles blown out,    your frosting spread,    your mouth full…..for this kind of sex only comes around once per year.

And yes, it is my Birthday!

About Anton Therapy

As a psychotherapist specializing in sexual concerns, I believe that communication and compromise, with a playful and open attitude are key components to a healthy intimate life. I infuse compassion, enthusiasm and a collaborative approach in treatment that puts clients at ease in discussing such personal topics. I hope this blog helps to open your mind, promote healthy sex, and encourages you to have a desire for intimacy and life! View all posts by Anton Therapy

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