Dirty Dirty Dirty…………SHOW

I had the privilege to attend the Detroit Dirty Show this past weekend.

It is a platform for erotic art in various forms.  According to DirtyDetroit.com, its mission is to promote, publish and propagate erotic art in all forms… Held every Valentine’s Weekend, the show features a large number of artists, from first-timers to the famous at their dirtiest.

Many images may appear to some as pornographic, yet it is the beauty of the body and our sexuality that is exhibited not the specific sexual acts portrayed in action.

The art displayed ranged from erotic photography as shown here as well as playful ‘machines’, live performances, metal art, sculpture and more.

Live art was exhibited on two stages; one stage showed  a variety of performers from burlesque dancers, skits, singing, and drag shows.

The other stage showed the Japanese erotic art of rope bondage called: SHIBARI also known as KINBAKU.  It serves not only as binding but as body art, emphasizing our features with beautifully tied knots and hanging devices.

Exhibiting the bondage aspect of power and helplessness with beauty and aesthetic.  One can see how the ropes emphasize the curvature and shape of the body.

Walking around the show, one can see the average Joe as well as others dressed in provocative and playful ways.

Outside of the surprise and obvious subculture seen in this venue.  What jumped out to me was Freedom.

Freedom to be yourself without judgement, Freedom and comfort in your sexual expression, Freedom from the restraints of everyday society, Freedom to be playful, erotic, and safe all at the same time.

Some may say ‘freaks’ or ‘wrong’ but I say normal.

One of the most common questions I receive as a sexual therapist is: Am I Normal?  My response:  If its adult, consensual, and respectful to all parties, then YES it Normal!

If you want to get your ‘freak’ on, the Detroit Dirty show is a great way to exhibit or watch an open venue of erotic and safe expression.

             Be Free!

I apologize for the lack of citation for the photos posted, as I took pictures of the art without writing down the artist. I encourage you to attend to experience the Dirty Show first hand.

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As a psychotherapist specializing in sexual concerns, I believe that communication and compromise, with a playful and open attitude are key components to a healthy intimate life. I infuse compassion, enthusiasm and a collaborative approach in treatment that puts clients at ease in discussing such personal topics. I hope this blog helps to open your mind, promote healthy sex, and encourages you to have a desire for intimacy and life! View all posts by Anton Therapy

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