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The Big “O”, The Female Orgasm

Providing answers to questions related to female orgasm:

Why does it take women so long before they have an orgasm?

Why do women fake it?

Did I have an orgasm?

Why aren’t my orgasms more intense?

Sex: “The Female Orgasm”

Discussing the female orgasm.  Stimulation, Timing, Communication, Pleasure and Fun.

Did I say, ‘direct clitoral stimulation’, Ahhh yes I believe I did.

Here’s to smart, safe, fun sex and hopefully an orgasm.

Sex: Successful AND Satisfying

Can we ‘fail’ at sex?       If so, what determines ‘success’?

Is it intercourse?          An erection?               An orgasm?

My video talks of how to end failures and start being successful….. sexually.


Sex: If it does not end with orgasm, How do I know when its over?

This is part two of my video blog addressing the sexual issues of: Orgasms, how fast is too fast= Rapid Ejaculation.

I noted in my first video blog that sex does not end just because the male ejaculates….this comment lead to many emails. I received questions such as “when IS  sex over”,  “How long do I need to stay awake”, “Really?!?, Well I’m done”.

Enjoy the video to gain a better understanding of when sex is over  and ending with two satisfied people.

Orgasms, Do I Ejaculate too quickly?

This is the first of my video blogs which provides a brief discussion of how fast is too fast.


Pleasure not Performance

Diversify your love play

Ejaculation does not mean sex is over



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