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Sex and Football

Its time!

NFL and College Football is back!

The games are on, we’re cheering, yelling, praying and at times doing ridiculous rituals to promote our team to a victory.  Don’t forget the obsessive checking of our fantasy football stats.

In an article I wrote for the bleacher report, entitled ‘Football + Sex + Pastrami Sandwich = Heaven’

I allude to the pleasures of football, sex and food.  It appears easy to get the food aspect in during a game, yet what about sex?

Why do we need to skip sex while watching a football game or even wait until half-time?

One could easily have had sex on Saturday throughout the Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan game with a final score of Michigan 31 v. Eastern 3.  Or Purdue 59 v SE Missouri 0 (and Purdue’s even on their 3rd string QB,  SE must really stink). Or even Ohio State 6 v.  Miami (FL) 24 (so long Tressel)

Those games needed some spicing up.   Go ahead have a sex romp,  you aren’t going to miss much.

The field is open and so is your sex schedule.

It is much harder to determine the right time for sex when the game is really going: close calls, a tight game , killer plays and even injuries, we want to see it all!

Yesterdays Eagles 31 v. Falcons 35, was one such game, with Vicks head to head collision with his teammate that caused a concussion, its hard to take your eyes off the screen.  Well I guess when Vick walked off the field during the 3rd quarter we could’ve shifted our attentions, as the Eagles scored nothing in the last quarter.

Another exciting game played yesterday was by the Cardinals 21 v. Redskins 22, the fourth quarter was a nail biter and the Redskins came in for the win with a field goal.

So how do we go about getting the tri-fecta and more (football, sex, computer for fantasy stats, beer and food).

Timing and the sexual behavior which one engages in is key.

During an exciting game, go for the blow job.  Sit in your recliner, TV in front of you, computer/beer/food on table near you and the person of your fancy between your legs.  Remember to look down, don’t forget the hand in our hair, the moans and more. Plus if your partner doesn’t swallow, you’ll have napkins close by.

This morning I read an excellent erotic short story regarding oral sex and football, I highly recommend you click to read:

All in the Eyes

Another option is the handjob.  Get out some buffalo wings, turn on college ball and relive your old days with a handjob. I recommend lotion vs. KY lubes for a handjob.  It moisturizes your partners hands, smells good and leaves you nice and soft afterward without the need to clean up sticky lube.

When its getting later in the evening on a Sunday night (best and most popular time couples have sex in the U.S.), a great option is the rear entry or doggie style on the bed.  You and your partner face the screen,  enjoying intercourse with the game right in front of you.  Rear entry is one of the most popular positions for both males and females due to the intensity, tightness and friction.  Plus the male has two free hands to stimulate the breasts, buttocks, clitoris and more.

Enjoy football and get on your game!

Sex and Football what a great combo.

2011 Fantasy Football: Get Your Fantasy and Game on with 12 Draft Tips

 Its prime time to draft your players and teams for this years fantasy  football.  

NFLsoup.com listed “Draft Tips for Success”, providing 12 tips to create  your dream team.

As a sex therapist, I’d like to think these 12 steps can also aid us in our sexual  fantasies.

As fantasy is a natural part of who we are; engaging in fantasy is  arousing, creative, free and pleasurable.

Here’s the 12 fantasy football draft tips for both football fans with my version for our own private fantasies.


1. Don’t Wing It.

Strategy is important when selecting your team, yet in the role of fantasy:

Spontaneity Rules.

Just think of the ease with which a new fantasy can enter our mind: walking down the street, sitting in the doctors office, attending a sporting event, and more.

The beauty in our environment can easily spark multiple fantasies per day.

Some will be fleeting, whereas others you can stock away for your fantasy file for later “use”.


2. Don’t Go Through the Motions.

In fantasy, as in life, we must manage our impulses.

Many times we can’t act when sexual thoughts comes to our mind.

When the time and place are right, go for it.

Enjoy the fantasy.


Experience the sensations and imagery you have created while skipping out on any robotic or habitual tendency.

Focus on the pleasure our mind and body can provide.




3. Don’t Worry about Bye Weeks.

Just as some of our favorite teams get a break.

So does our fantasy life.

Your mind may feel limited, your libido down, or you may struggle with an ability to “perform” with yourself or your partner.

Life happens.

Even the best of lovers have bad sex 15% of the time.

The more you obsess, the worst it can get.

Go with the flow, be patient with your self, and be open to pleasure not performance.



4. Get the Best Talent Available.

A common sexual fantasy is to have sex with a famous person.

It is near impossible to actually have sex with a Victoria Secret model or top actress, yet when it comes to our mind-

We really CAN get the best talent available.









5. Keep your Options Open.

Some may feel uncomfortable fantasizing about someone other than their partner.

This is only problematic if it becomes an obsessive focus or you act on your fantasy, which may threaten a monogamous

So, if you can control yourself… grab healthy adult images that stimulate you and go for it.

This also applies to sexual behaviors which you may never dream of doing in real life yet turns you on during fantasy, such as an orgy, stranger sex, being tied up, spanked, or public sex.

When it stays in your mind, almost anything is an option.



6. Take Some Chances.

If you have a solid relationship with your partner, you may open up and suggest you share your fantasies.

You both might decide to keep it private or even act out a fantasy, as long as it remains adult, consensual and respectful to all parties involved.

If you get turned on by costumes and would love to see your partner dressed as a cheerleader, let her know.

Taking a chance might lead to some fun exploration and add spice to your sex life.









7. Get a Rookie

The Internet offers a variety of images to stimulate our imagination.

Check out the new up and coming pornography stars or even amateur porn.

You might even want to ask your partner if they would be open to video taping your love play, that way, the rookie is you.

Get in bed, grab some champagne, and bring out the video recorder. (privacy is essential, pay attention to what you do with the video after)





8. Balance Beats Elite

Anything in life which we take to an extreme can cause problems.

If we use fantasy to frequently avoid our real life and our partner, it will likely lead to problems.

Fantasy, erotic imagery, and sex CAN be fully enjoyed in a balanced manner.








9. Wait Till the End for the Kicker

There doesn’t seem much difference between the top kickers and the average guy.

In fantasy football, you can relax a bit and choose the kicker in the end. I

n dating and relationships, don’t underestimate the beauty of seemingly average women.

An average kicker, can surprise us and win the game, an average woman may even win your heart.



10. Mock Mock Till You Drop

“Overall, practice makes perfect, so it only makes sense to practice drafting a few times before the real thing goes down.” nflsoup.com

Fantasy, Masturbation, Adult Consensual Sex.

Be Smart.

Be Safe.

Have fun with your “Practice”.








11. READ the Papers.

Study, educate yourself on good sexual health practices, and learn about our bodies.

Understand what are sexual myths and develop a realistic sexual view.

What a fun and important topic to keep up to date.





12. Have Fun!

What is sex without fun?

Enjoy your body.



Fantasy is fun…..as is football.

Have a blast with your fantasy football team, your fantasies, and your intimate life.


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