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Low Libido? I Discuss the Keys to Bringing Desire Into Your Life

Many women note their reduced or no desire in sex.
This video provides tips for you to bring desire back into your life.

Stay Open!

Sex Maniacs: Bed Bugs and Us?

We have an outbreak of bed bugs in high profile places particularly in major city hotel rooms.  Scientist says one main reason for the proliferation of bed bugs is due to their sex maniac status.

Bed bugs not only like to have a lot of sex, they also appear to be into Sadistic Masochistic sex.

They engage in whats called Traumatic Insemination.   The male bed bug pierces or stabs the female’s abdomen with his penis and injects his sperm through the wound and into her abdomen.  I guess  it ‘hurts so good’.   (mind you males also attempt traumatic insemination with other male bugs due to size and color and not gender)

A humorous account of bed bug mating is enacted by Isabella Rosillini in Green Porno.


Female bed bugs mate five times after a feeding (on blood that is).

Five times in one night after a full belly….hmmm….impressive!!

Yet I hear frequent concerns when one partner wants to have sex  five times in one week.

One partner will say ‘so & so….always wants it!’  and the other ‘so & so….never wants it!’.

It is common to have differing sex drives than our partner.

Couples experience a ‘syncing’ in sex drive during the beginning stage of the relationship, which is fuels by dopamine and adrenaline, as well a ‘re-syncing’ of sex in our longer term relationships on vacations.

Since differing drives are a near guarantee in long term relationships, how do we determine if   one person is a ‘sex maniac’ or if one is a ‘prude’?

We can look at statistics which give us a range for the 30+year old couple engaging in   intercourse on average two to three times per week.

So more than 4x week  is a sex maniac?

Less than two is a prude?


Despite this being the so-called average,   ‘sex freak’/’cold fish’ titles can only be  determined through the specific couples sexual style.

I’d like to get rid of these ridiculous labels all together and instead just acknowledge different drives.

How much sex is too much?

You decide.

How much sex is not enough?

You decide.

In handling sex drive differences, it is important to compromise.

The higher libido partner takes one step down and the lower partner takes a step up.

Added to this is respecting each others drives without labels or blame.

Open mindedness is vital to obtaining a sex drive balance.

An example of how to balance drives would be for one partner to nicely rub on the others chest and arms while he/she masturbates or the higher drive partner may use a sex toy after couple sex (a minute after or an hour after) if stimulation is still requested and your partner is wiped out.

Many more examples include incorporating some pornography,spicing up every day sex, engaging in low demand sexual behaviors, sex talk/texting and massage.

The bed bugs can keep their ‘Sex Maniac’ status, we can balance our drives and enjoy the richness of a hot, passionate, sex life.

No maniacs, prudes or bed bugs allowed.

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