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What is the Best Sex You’ve Ever Had? Was it Hall of Fame Worthy?

What is the Best Sex You’ve Ever Had? Was it Hall of Fame Worthy?

My newest Footballandsex.com blog ponders the characteristics that categorizes the best sex we’ve ever experienced.  It was influenced by the recent enshrinement of seven NFL athletes/coaches in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

A few share their necessary adjectives and brief highlighted sexual experiences.  Add yours, I’m interested.

Sex and Football

Its time!

NFL and College Football is back!

The games are on, we’re cheering, yelling, praying and at times doing ridiculous rituals to promote our team to a victory.  Don’t forget the obsessive checking of our fantasy football stats.

In an article I wrote for the bleacher report, entitled ‘Football + Sex + Pastrami Sandwich = Heaven’

I allude to the pleasures of football, sex and food.  It appears easy to get the food aspect in during a game, yet what about sex?

Why do we need to skip sex while watching a football game or even wait until half-time?

One could easily have had sex on Saturday throughout the Michigan vs. Eastern Michigan game with a final score of Michigan 31 v. Eastern 3.  Or Purdue 59 v SE Missouri 0 (and Purdue’s even on their 3rd string QB,  SE must really stink). Or even Ohio State 6 v.  Miami (FL) 24 (so long Tressel)

Those games needed some spicing up.   Go ahead have a sex romp,  you aren’t going to miss much.

The field is open and so is your sex schedule.

It is much harder to determine the right time for sex when the game is really going: close calls, a tight game , killer plays and even injuries, we want to see it all!

Yesterdays Eagles 31 v. Falcons 35, was one such game, with Vicks head to head collision with his teammate that caused a concussion, its hard to take your eyes off the screen.  Well I guess when Vick walked off the field during the 3rd quarter we could’ve shifted our attentions, as the Eagles scored nothing in the last quarter.

Another exciting game played yesterday was by the Cardinals 21 v. Redskins 22, the fourth quarter was a nail biter and the Redskins came in for the win with a field goal.

So how do we go about getting the tri-fecta and more (football, sex, computer for fantasy stats, beer and food).

Timing and the sexual behavior which one engages in is key.

During an exciting game, go for the blow job.  Sit in your recliner, TV in front of you, computer/beer/food on table near you and the person of your fancy between your legs.  Remember to look down, don’t forget the hand in our hair, the moans and more. Plus if your partner doesn’t swallow, you’ll have napkins close by.

This morning I read an excellent erotic short story regarding oral sex and football, I highly recommend you click to read:

All in the Eyes

Another option is the handjob.  Get out some buffalo wings, turn on college ball and relive your old days with a handjob. I recommend lotion vs. KY lubes for a handjob.  It moisturizes your partners hands, smells good and leaves you nice and soft afterward without the need to clean up sticky lube.

When its getting later in the evening on a Sunday night (best and most popular time couples have sex in the U.S.), a great option is the rear entry or doggie style on the bed.  You and your partner face the screen,  enjoying intercourse with the game right in front of you.  Rear entry is one of the most popular positions for both males and females due to the intensity, tightness and friction.  Plus the male has two free hands to stimulate the breasts, buttocks, clitoris and more.

Enjoy football and get on your game!

Sex and Football what a great combo.

Ten Things Favre Would Tell Cam:Ten Things I Would Tell Him Also.

Dan Van Wie wrote an article in The Bleacher Report entitled “Cam Newton: Top Ten Things Brett Favre Would Tell The Rookie QB as his Mentor” (5/18/11).

  1. Learn How to Bide your Time as a Rookie.
  2. How to Use your Fame for Endorsement Deals.
  3. How to Command Credibility and Respect.
  4. QB Style: Their Games Don’t Exactly Match Up.
  5. Talk about Being an Entertainer and Icon and The Social Media.
  6. Know When its Time to Walk Away.
  7. How to Stay in Shape.
  8. How to Read the NFL Defense.
  9. How to Deal with the Media.
  10. How to Retain your Passion for the Game and Keep Having Fun.

I would highly encourage you to read his elaboration on the above 10.

http://bleacherreport.com/articles/703031-top-10-things-brett-favre-would-tell-cam-newton-as-his-mentor   [photo: theepochtimes.com]

Mr Van Wie’s list inspired me to make my own Top Ten list, one that parallels the main message above with the underpinnings of sex and relationships, as a “Sexual Mentor”.

1) Patience my Dear, Female Orgasms take Time.  Men are straight shooters, on average having orgasms 90% of the time.   Men’s orgasms are faster and appear to be easier to achieve.  If a man is engaging in intercourse without pause, he will most likely ejaculate in 3 to 5 minutes.  As many things can be more difficult with females, orgasms can present a challenge.  With intercourse only, 20% of women achieve orgasm. Why the discrepancy?  The female core of pleasure nerves lie in the clitoris (more nerve endings than in the whole penis); intercourse provides some direct and indirect stimulation of the clitoris during thrusting motion yet often not enough needed to put us over the top.  Even though orgasm isn’t the goal in sex- pleasure is….. clitoral stimulation over 15 to 20 minutes time, often gets us there. Total body and genital stimulation helps women to orgasm 60+% of the time.  So Cam, be patient, vary stimulation/speed/lubrication and patiently wait for her big “O”.

2) How to Use your Fame to Select your Sexual Partners. The women will come in droves, many at the doorstep all ready.  Gaining a sexual partner will be as easy as pointing your finger. Selecting wisely and with safe sex strategies another.  When Favre metaphorically got in bed with Madden it drastically boosted his endorsement deals and widened his fan base- this strategy benefitted: player, product, and fan.  When you choose who to literally go to bed with, think about: their sexual history, sobriety, respect to all parties involved, safe sex, a person with both brains and beauty, and their motives. It may be fun just to have sex with the swarms of women that come your way without consideration for many of the above thoughts, yet unwise choices with unhealthy (emotionally &/or physically) people are very heavy. Select a bed partner that benefits: you, the sexual partner and your future.

3)Gain Credibility and Respect in the Bedroom. Self respect is the first step to gaining respect from others.  When one respects themselves they tend to make choices that reflect integrity and character.  Eliminate the B.S., don’t say ‘I love you’ or ‘I’ll call you’ unless you mean it; don’t make any false promises to the ladies. Make sure sexual behaviors are reciprocated….sex is only a one sided pleasure when masturbating.  Show selectiveness when choosing a sexual partner. Friends with benefits does exist yet you have to maintain the friends part or it just becomes a person to call for sex when interested.  Exhibit humbleness, I’m not saying don’t be proud of the sexual skills you’ve developed or not to acknowledge your physique yet do so in a humble manner. Ask a woman what she wants, sexually and afterwards. Always have safe sex, it respects both you and your sexual partner. Condoms may interfere with 100% penile sensation (giving you instead 90%) yet it feels a lot better than pissing fire when you have an STD or of course, having a life threatening illness-(HIV).   (I recommend Trojan Skyn or Durex extra sensitive for increased sensation)

4) Whether a QB or an Average Joe, Size only Says So Much: We hear a lot about the size of the male penis; it seems bigger is better. Yet this is not always the case.  When penises are too large they can create pain in the vagina and to the cervix and well as be almost impossible to place in your mouth-both in diameter and length. I have never heard a woman discuss the size of her vagina…I doubt women really even know the ‘average’ size of the vaginal canal.  Vaginas in their daily state are around 3 1/2 inches in length, once aroused they can expand up to 5 1/2 inches or so.  This mean that the man with a ‘reported’ 7 1/2″ penis, doesn’t even need 2 of those inches.  Typical penises are between 5 to 6 inches when erect.  It appears that the diameter/width of a penis is more related to pleasure due to the feeling of fullness women gain and enjoy.   5 1/2 inches is enough, the rest is for show.  Despite its size, its how you use it to both you and your partners satisfaction. My message to the men out there whether you are a large or small penis guy- enjoy and use what you have- stop comparisons, wrap it up, and get your game on!

5) The Spotlight can Light You Up or Burn You. Being in the position of a popular sports figure plus with the advantages of attractiveness, athleticism, and funds,  the opportunity to meet and date highly attractive females will come with relative ease.  When the spotlight is on, it is easy and without conscience attention to become a ego maniac- everyone loves me, I can get anything I want, I am invincible, bring it!  Well a part of it true, fans with love you, ladies will cling to you,your attractiveness is obvious, yet you will remain human and under scrutiny of the press.  As humans we all make mistakes, guaranteed. The unfortunate part of being in the spotlight is that everyone gets to see, hear or read about your mistakes both on and off the field.  Use your charm and skill to shine and humbleness to lessen the burn.

6)Sometimes  you Walk. Knowing when to walk away and doing it, is two different things. We often know when we are making unwise decisions in relationships or just in the bedroom and we frequently say ‘oh well, what the hell’, yet repeating this pattern will lead you to a dead end.  As a ‘cake eater’ myself meaning – I want my cake and eat it too- I can recognize the desires to gain, obtain, and experience.  Surprising as it may be, those that gain all their ‘wants/desires’ often report unhappiness and general dissatisfaction with life.  It appears that healthy limits and boundaries increase happiness!  So- not getting ‘everything’ we want benefits us. Learning when to walk away shows wisdom and can lead to a happier life.

7) Regular Sex is Good for your Health. Engaging in safe sex 3 or more times per week reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%!  Its boosts immunity 30%, improves circulation and sleep, burns calories and is fun. Ejaculating 5 times or more per week drastically reduces your risk for prostate cancer and is even linked to a longer life span.

8) Learning to Read others is  Challenging. Emotional IQ is just as, if not more so, important than intellectual IQ. Emotional Intellect is perceiving, using, understanding and regulating emotions in both ourselves and in others. Learning to read the defensive line in play can be difficult, now trying to read or better understand both yourself and others- thats a big challenge that takes time, insight, self awareness, and practice. This skill will not only benefit you as an athlete but also as a man. I recommend you accept this challenge.

9) Media’s pitfalls  Outside of the obvious  paparazzi, all eyes will be on you. That not only includes your performance on the field but off.  Easy ways to avoid pitfalls:  a.) no sex with underage girls          b.) no sex texting    c.)no penis pics       d.) don’t videotape yourself having sex or let others tape you     e.) don’t have sex with your friends woman or your household help  f.) manage your substance consumption so you don’t look like a drunken fool out on the town   g.) always use a condom to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STD’s  h.) don’t say you have tiger blood   i.) don’t refer to yourself in 3rd person …many more can be added to this list, but its a good starting point.

10) Maintaining Passion and Zest in your Relationships.  If you choose to engage in a monogamous relationship, it will have many rewards and some challenges, such as how to maintain passion in the bedroom.  There are many ways one can maintain or create passion in the bedroom: vary up sex,  enact or share fantasies, keep flirting, be a team player at home and contribute, date, prioritize, surprise, and… keep dating.  Women want sex, adventure, validation and a companion.

The list of 10 Tips from this “Sexual Mentor” can help you succeed in your own game. Enjoy the practice, suit up and PLAY!

Sexy is: Thoughts on real players, NFL style

While viewing Victoria’s Secret most recent video “What is Sexy list: 2011” (by Madoff Productions), I began to wonder that same question.  Not only what is sexy but what makes someone sexy AND who would be considered sexy in the NFL.


Many men come up on differing lists of the top sexiest NFL players. Two magazines in particular shared their favorites.

Cosmopolitan Magazine had an article on the “hottest football players out there…”.  Included in there list of 11 men were: Tony Gonzalez- Atlanta Falcons, David Anderson -Houston Texans, Terrell Owens- Buffalo Bills, Wes Welker – New England Patriots, Matt Forte -Bears, Matt Cassell- Kansas City Chiefs and so on.  These players were telling their turns ons, pet peeves, and how to land a second date.  I found Mr. Forte’s most inspiring with his quote “I hate bad breath and bad attitudes”, I assume he must not have morning sex as bad breath is guaranteed. Now, Cassell he’s into that breath thing too, noting a turn off would be if his date said she had garlic for lunch. I would think ‘hey, maybe she loves Italian food as much as I do, great!’. As you can tell, the hottest football players had obvious physical attraction, yet not one insightful statement which might help the ladies better understand what a man wants in a relationship or to help us better define sexy.


Essence magazine had an article entitled “Eye Candy:Sexy NFL Players 2011”. Now the Essence group- they trumped up the sexiness to 24 men.  A few of these men included were, Thomas Jones-KC Chiefs, Braylon Edwards -NY Jets, Troy Polamalu-Steelers, Chris Harris- Bears, Ladanian Tomlinson-NY Jets and even….Michael Vick- Philadelphia Eagles.


It appears many players can score both on and off the field.

I would basically agree with both lists on the physical attractiveness of the selected players, yet is that all there is to sexiness?

I concur with the Huffington Post blogger, Linda E. Savage, in her “What is Sexy” article Feb 5, 2010.  She lists 5 things that make a person sexy and leaves the last up to the individuals taste.

“1) Sexy is feeling good, having energy and time to relax
2) Sexy is loving the interaction with a partner and letting them know it: AKA Flirting
3) Sexy is really appreciating the beauty of your partner–their inner beauty.
4) Sexy is enjoying movement, skin contact, touch, smell, taste–all of it.
5) Sexy is thinking about sensual and sexual moments and finding pleasure in the memory and anticipation.
6) Okay, now it’s your turn, fill in the blank: Sexy is __________________”


There is even a website called “R U SEXY” at http://www.sexytester.com; they list three main components to sexiness: image, confidence, and attitude. I must admit, I took a low step and completed the test, mostly out of amusement and it determined that I was a “Supermodel Sexy”, which unfortunately challenges any validity to this self absorbed most likely created by two intoxicated college students test.   It did however note that I had an average image of myself, high confidence and a great attitude. As I tend to say, I’m cuter than my pictures because pictures can’t show personality. It must be this test assessed my traits in confidence and attitude therefore giving me top honors!

Now I would add: humor, intelligence, personality, character, and caring to the list of whats sexy.  If we put all of these together how will we ever find enough men to fill a list of 8, let alone, 8 NFL players?!?!!

Why 8?  Everyone’s used to ‘TOP 10’….so I wanted to go to 8 and then you can decide who you would put as the last two.

Surprisingly they are out there!

Anton Therapy’s List of the NFL’s Top Sexiest Players of 2011

(in no particular order)

Adrian Peterson- RB-Minnesota Vikings

Adrian easily meets the physical attractiveness criteria for sexiness, yet we noted sexiness is more than just looks.  So what else is ‘game’ about Adrian??- He has the third highest average yards per game total in NFL history, was a Heisman Trophy finalist, received the “Emerging Leader” award for volunteer work with the Special Olympics, The African American Adoption Agency and the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Minnesota. He recently participated in the Starkey Hearing Foundation that provided 555 hearing devices to Uganda. Peterson has his own foundation entitled “All Day Foundation” which supports many philanthropic organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Special Olympics of Minnesota, etc. Adrian experienced some rough times growing up with the incarceration of his father, and early death of a brother.  He makes my list for attractiveness, great play, philanthropy and perseverance.

Nnamdi Asomugha CB-Oakland Raiders

Nnamdi is one of the top defensive players in the NFL; he received the “Whizzer” White NFL Man of the year award in 2009, was selected as a member of the Fox Sports and USA Today’s All Decade Team and as a starter for the 2011 Pro Bowl Team.  What is even more impressive is his off the field game: activism and philanthropy. Off the field, education and community service are his mainstays.  The Asomugha Foundation operates two primary programs: Orphans and Widows In Need and Asomugha College Tour for Scholars. He joined former President Bill Clinton, actor Matthew McConaguhey , and Marie Tillman at the 2009 Meeting of Clinton Global Initiative University to discuss the importance of global service and student activism. He was named Home Depot MVP 2007 for his community service, Essence Magazine “Do Right Men” 2008, The President’s Volunteer Service Award in 2008, named “Dream Team for Public Service” by the Jefferson Awards for public service and became an ambassador for the United Way of the Bay Area. Finally, he was a finalist for the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.  Nnamdi has stretched his talents in the acting field and his credits include: Friday Night Lights, The Game, and Leverage. This man’s community service is sexy enough, let alone his physicality -one can melt at his looks in a GQ spread.

Myron Rolle-  Tenessee Titans Safety

Myron is one of those rare gems, that places academia on a higher plane than sports. Mr. Rolle wants both an NFL and a neurosurgery career….I believe he will excel at both.  He postponed his NFL career due to being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship where he studied medical anthropology at Oxford University. Smart = Sexy!   His college career at Florida State led to many accolades, both scholastic and athletic.  In 2008, Myron earned Associated Press 3rd team All-American honors, Football Writers Association America 2nd team All-ACC, and CoSIDA Academic All-America. Even with his short pro career and young age (25), he has made a positive presence in the philanthropic world.  Rolle is the founder of ‘Our Way to Health’ – an educational anti-childhood obesity program for Native Americans. Rolle, in conjunction with Florida Secretary of Children and Family Services, runs a week long Myron Rolle Wellness and Leadership Academy for Foster Care children in Florida.The Foundation plans to open a free health services clinic in Steventon, Exuma, in the Bahamas, his home land. The clinic will be named the Myron L. Rolle Medical Clinic and Sports Complex. Additionally,
Rolle is a member of the Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity.Check him out at: http://www.myronrolle.com, and be charmed at his way with words, intelligence, looks and grace. Smart = Sexy.

Dhani Jones- Cinncinati Bengals LB

“Dhani”  means ‘thinking man’ in the Hindi language and Dhani Jones fits up to his name. He is known as the renaissance man, a poet, and fashion icon, as well as having a high interest in the arts and culture. In an ’09 Mens Health Magazine article he states: “We don’t devote enough attention to the mind. It’s the most important thing in life, the center of all actions. My dad gave me Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl when I was in 10th grade, and it affected my understanding of life, my attempts to reach self-actualization. The intellectual connection my father and I have allows for a certain creative interaction, whether it’s in person or over the phone late at night”. I would say, more more Mr Jones! How can one look that good, play that well, and show interest in self actualization, the community, the environment, and loves to travel??  I think I’ll faint!  Dhani hosts the Travel Channel show “Dhani Tackles the Globe”, he founded a company that sells high end bowties, writes movie reviews and commentary for ESPN, and has hosted the ESPN2 show Timeless.  Mr Jones utilizes his high end bowties for a cause, as a portion of the proceeds benefit various non profit organizations. He co-created and appeared in a Public Service Announcement for Gore’s Climate Change Project as well as the United Nations World Food Program.  In 2007 he visited Africa to bring attention to the effects of environmental neglect by industrialized countries.  Dhani currently serves on the entertainment council to end hunger for Feeding America.  From his success in college ball at the University of Michigan, playing with the Giants, Eagles and now the Benglas, Dhani has proved a forceful player both on and off the field. One can’t deny the bowtie!

Madieu Williams- Minnesota Vikings Safety

2010 was a great year for Madieu Williams, he was named the Vikings Community Man of the Year AND  received the highest honor- The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award.  He stands out for his performance locally, nationally and globally. The Sierra Leone native and seven year NFL vetern, he made global headlines with a generous donation of  $2 million dollars to create The Madieu Williams Center for Global Health that is affiliated with the University of Maryland. The center’s focus is on public health issues in both Prince George’s County and Sierra Leone. He has funded the construction of one school in Sierra Leone and another second school is in the process of being built.” Madieu’s foundation sponsored a mission to Sierra Leone that flew American teachers, dentists and surgeons to help educate the teachers at his school, give free dental cleanings to all of the students and provide free surgeries.” (Viking news http://www.vikings.com/news/article-1/Madieu-Williams-Named-2010-Walter-Payton-NFL-Man-Of-The-Year/3bc26867-79ef-419d-82fc-e1d2a6629e67).  Madieu also has worked locally with the North Community YMCA, United Way and Harvest Prep/Seed Academy, provides season tickets for the kids in his “Dieu’s Crew” and hosts a free football summer camp in Maryland.  This level of activism and recognition can go unmatched. Madieu is definitely a Top 8!

Jason Taylor- NY Jets DE

Now we’re getting into a seasoned player, a dancing man, a man nearing my age and a family man.  At the age of 36, Taylor has played for the Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins and now with the Jets.  Taylor was raised by a single mother in Pittsburgh, was home schooled for a time and considered too small for the position of defensive end, yet he became a six time Pro Bowl selection. Thats Perseverance!  He married Katrina in June 2001 and they have three children: Isaiah, Mason, and Zoe. A few years back, Taylor walked away from the $8.5 million he was scheduled to make from the Redskins when he refused to spend the offseason at Redskins Park, preferring instead to spend the off-season with his family in Miami.  Unfortuanetly they don’t give awards to placing your family first but they do give out a lot of awards for athletic skills. Jason has won numerous awards throughout his career, the 2006 NFL Defensive Player of the Year award and the 2007 Walter Payton Man of the Year Award. Taylor is also a six-time Pro Bowl selection, a four-time First or Second Team All-Pro, a two time (2005 & 2006) NFL Alumni Association Defensive Lineman of the Year, and the 2000 NFL Alumni Association Pass Rusher of the Year. In 2004, Jason and his wife created the Jason Taylor Foundation- Building a Better Future.  The Foundation has contributed $1.3 million to over 40 different organizations dedicated to working with children. One part of the foundation is  The Jason Taylor’s ‘Reading Room’ , its an after school program designed to combat illiteracy in inner city youth. What we have in Mr Taylor is, a dancing man, a family man, a community man and a football man. I would say he’s the man that easily fits the definition of sexy. I’ll dance to that!

Peyton Manning- Indianapolis Colts QB

Peyton in this category is a no brainer; now that isn’t so much because of his sexy looks but more so for his charisma, humor and contributions….great stats help too. Manning holds the record for the most NFL MVP awards, holds the sixth highest career passing rate in NFL history, listed as the number 1 NFL player today by the Sporting News, and Fox Sports named his player of the decade.  A recipient of the Walter Payton Man of the Year 2005 plus taking the Colts to a Super Bowl win in 2007.  I enjoy the humor he exhibits during skits on SNL, commercials, and even voice overs for The Simpsons. The Manning family is a football and media franchise, with his father Archie and QB brother Eli, they run the Manning Passing Academy and co authored a book entitled Family Huddle.  Peyton started his own charity called the Peyback Foundation which helps disadvantaged kids in the states of Louisiana, Indiana, and Tennessee.  He contributed an undisclosed amount to Indianapolis St Vincents Hospital which thereafter renamed its childrens hospital to the ‘Peyton Manning Childrens Hospital at St Vincent’.  All this helps me to overlook his contributions to the Republican party. Peyton shows with his actions off the field, he is a man that helps to redefine sexy. Reliable, witty, and charitable.

Drew Brees-New Orleans Saints QB

Purdue! Purdue! Saints! Saints!  This guy’s got great taste!  Selected five times to the Pro Bowl, Offensive Player of the year in 2008, MVP of Superbowl XLIV, holding 12 NFL records, 21 Saints franchise records, took the Saints to a Superbowl win in 2009, named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year in 2010, and finally the Walter Payton Man of the Year in 2006.  Now you can breath, that was a long list. He married his college sweetheart Brittney in 2003, and together they have two sons Baylen and Bowen. Drew has been involved in the recovery process of Hurricane Katrina, created a foundation with his wife- the ‘Brees Dream Foundation’ which partners with Operation Kids (see http://www.drewbrees.com for more information on ways the charity benefits the community), and in 2010 President Obama appointed him co-chair of the newly renamed President Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition.  What I think charmed me most was after his Superbowl win,  he lifted his young son up with tears in his eyes. Drew is a Superbowl success, charitable person, humble, and a man who loves his family- thats sexy.

Honorable Mentions: Current players:Larry Fitzgerald, Aaron Rodgers, and Tony Gonzalez.  Posthumously: Pat Tillman and Reggie White.

I realize I did not include the uber sexy Cam Newton because I believe he needs more time to ripen; maybe next year he will shine on Anton Therapy’s List of the NFL’s Top Sexiest Players.

With all these strong & successful football men, would you call them “Supermodel Sexy”?  Maybe they need to take the sexytester.com too.

Sexiness is so subjective, lets concur that it is found both inside and outside of the person.  Come on….now make your sexy list!

Draftees….Out with the “old” in with the new.

The NFL wrapped up their draft picks this week with the 254th man- Cheta Ozougwu …who will be from here on out known as “Mr Irrelevant”.  The term “Mr Irrelevant” was coined in the 1976 draft due to their limited career success. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as Marty Moore who was Mr Irrelevant in 1994 and went on to play in  Super Bowl  XXXI. Yet overall this label has stuck because of its unfortunate validity.

I had planned to write about feeling like a “Mr Irrelevant” in your relationship but when I looked at the natural progression of draftees into the team and release of long time players, I changed my mind.  While reading Dan Von Wie’s article from April 19, 2011, it got me thinking and a bit fired up.


Von Wie targets a few players that he feels are on the fast track out of the game; the more mentionable part of this article for me was the age of the players.  He lists Donald Driver age 36, Tony Gonzalez 35,  Fred Taylor 35, Derrick Mason 37, as players on the verge of utter failure.  Noting not only their decreased performance but also how their age plays a role in their athletic decline.  An article byAdam Moir  in the United States Sports Academy American Sports University “The Sport Digest” issn: 1558-6448, denotes that prime muscle mass and performance peaks at the age of 25.  This muscle mass decreases at 4% per decade until the age of 50. Running backs performance appear to drastically decline by age 33.  Does this seem young to anyone else or it is just me? I must be in denial of my own age, as 40 is creeping around the corner.

In 2009 there were only 7 players in the NFL still in the game over the age of 40.

Favre, age 41, retired again from a long standing QB career in January 2011.  

George Blanda has the record for the oldest person to play in the NFL, after 26 seasons, he retired at the age of 48 years and 109 days.

The aging process has begun and there’s no denying that.  According to CNN Health, our body starts the decline into aging at the age of 20, where one may notice wrinkles, hair loss, thinning skins and nails. We have continuous cell, tissue and even organ change as we age.  “…the heart of a 20-year-old is capable of pumping about 10 times the amount that is actually needed to preserve life. After age 30, an average of 1% of this reserve is lost each year.”  http://www.umm.edu/ency/article/004012.htm

“How fast you can throw a ball or run or swerve a steering wheel depends on how speedily brain cells fire off commands to muscles. Fast firing depends on good insulation for your brain’s wiring. Now new research suggests that in middle age, even healthy people begin to lose some of that insulation in a motor-control part of the brain — at the same rate that their speed subtly slows. That helps explain why “it’s hard to be a world-class athlete after 40,” concludes Dr. George Bartzokis, a neurologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who led the work.”   http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/27243437/ns/health-aging/

Sexual changes can be seen as early as our 30’s  and continues throughout our life cycle: for women- reduced libido, limited lubrication, pain ; for men: less rigid or limited erections, increased refractory period, and less intense ejaculatory sensations.

Its hard to see some of our most beloved players age out of the football ‘system’.  It can be even harder to watch and accept our own bodies change with age.

Aging is inevitable , how we approach it and the care of our bodies is up to us.

I like the ‘use it or lose it’ philosophy.

Work out

Have sex regularly

Keep active

The Game is Still ON!

Even when the football game is out with the old and in with the new, it is still up to you to PLAY

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