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Sexual Manners….Having sex at your parents home during a holiday visit.

    Many of us return to our parents home to visit over the  holidays.    Today, we often live in  different areas of the state or out  of state  which necessitates an overnight family stay.  Whether it  be your  parents  or your inlaws  home in which you are staying,  did you ever  wonder whether it  was ‘okay’ to have sex?  I believe  the answer lies in  your view of  sexuality and values.

Some couples may feel it would be disrespectful and too  uncomfortable to feel aroused and receive pleasure at their parents home.

Others may be more uncertain about sex at their parents home and find themselves asking many questions prior to taking any action: Will they hear us?  Can I relax enough?  What should I do with my condom?  Are my parents asleep?  Will the bed squeak? Will anyone find out/discover us?

And others still, may view sex with their partner during a holiday overnight as just another natural expression of their sexual relationship.  Engaging in sex during private, inconspicuous times, when others are not around or are asleep.

If you decide to engage in sexual relations during a family visit, do so in a way that respects the rights of you and others around you, is in line with your values, and  is performed in a private and quiet manner.

Remember we are sexual beings and maintaining a healthy sexual life is important to our love relationships. You can keep the spark alive even during holiday visits home.

Miss Manners would say: Just remember….Shhhh…..be quiet……

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