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Sex Show at School

Three months ago, Psychology Professor John Michael Bailey, held one hell of a human sexuality class at Northwestern University. An after class demonstration showed a female being masturbated by her male partner with a sex toy (referred to as the F@#K saw) in the Ryan Family Auditorium.

I thought we had to go to Amsterdam to see one of those shows and for a fee, let alone free on campus in the auditorium!  In Amsterdam years ago, I attempted to convince my college cohorts to see a live sex show, yet I was the only one with any interest and being young and alone in a sex theater, it felt a bit too risky to my safety; therefore, I missed out.  A friend of mine years later told me they attended a sex show and found it less than arousing and too robotic in nature. It must be just like those other days we spend in the office with mundane tasks and the same people.  I wonder if they say something like… “Well I have to have sex again with Lisa at 3pm”.

Faith Kroll and her fiance Jim Marcus  used the sex toy in the after class demonstration in order to show a female orgasm.  I remember in my human sexuality classes  watching videos from the 1970’s of women masturbating to orgasm and one with a camera showing the internal view of the vagina during orgasm. The times they are a changin’.


I would recommend viewing the website:  www.Ifeelmyself.com or http://www.beautifulagony.com to look at a variety of ‘vinegar faces’ (facial expressions made during orgasm) and of course the in-vivo experiment of watching yourself and/or your partner.


Even with the scientific fact that humans orgasm  with 5 to 10 contractions that occur at an average interval of 0.6 seconds with an increasing increment of 0.1 seconds per contraction, a general understanding of a time range and typical stimulation needed, there is a wide variation in sensation, intensity, time, and expression in orgasm. For the students of NW Human Sexuality class, they were able to witness Ms. Kroll’s orgasmic experience.

At first Northwestern University stood behind Professor Bailey stating “Northwestern University faculty members engage in teaching and research on a wide variety of topics, some of them controversial and at the leading edge of their respective disciplines” (Alan K. Cubbage).  Professor Bailey offered “Sticks and stones may break your bones,but watching naked people on stage doing pleasurable things will never hurt you.”  I am very uncertain whether he would state the same thing today.

This week, Northwestern University decided to take a drastic step…..CANCELING THE WHOLE COURSE!  Maybe they could have informed Professor Bailey of the inappropriateness of live sexual behavior in the auditorium and even reprimanded him, yet he will remain teaching other courses; it is just this course is punished.  Logic: inappropriate after class presentation= cancel class to prevent further inappropriate presentations?!?!

NO, I do not see the logic.

Human Sexuality courses are often the most popular electives on campus.  This is another attempt to shame/blame/limit sexuality verses providing appropriate options. I wish the professor would have limited the presentation to a verbal discussion-slide show-videos of the kink community and to Ms. Krolls description of her orgasm, yet he went all the way.  Mind you, Ms. Kroll reports one of her fetishes is ‘exhibitionism’ so I would assume her display and experience was pleasurable. I am uncertain what if anything is learned from the university’s banning of the course. Most professors would limit live displays of sex, so it does not seem to be a lesson for them. Then who, Who learns from the ban? Not the students, they are no longer offered the educational opportunity to take a human sexuality course. Oh thats right…we learn the societal message that sex is shameful, dirty, and limited.  You show it, we ban it!

I agree it was a poor choice on the professors behalf, he could have easily suggested the students speak with the presenters after class if they were interested in further information. This could have led to an even more personal display of the female orgasm.

Lets agree that sex has a wonderful place in our lives:  in private with consenting adults, and we’ll pass having it  in the university classroom.

Want to see a sex show?

Try out a show in Amsterdam.

Explore your orgasm or that of your partner.

Remember to support human sexuality classes.

Let Northwestern know that banning the course doesn’t send any other message than academic censorship!!!!

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